Child Friendly Learning

Watching peers playing and learning is very enticing to children. Skills in real life do not happen in isolation but within the context of life. Children play, so it makes sense to teach them through play.

Video Makes this Learning Happen!

By watching videos that demonstrate activities and skills in the context of play, children can learn multiple skills at once.

  • A child being exposed to a scene that involves multiple, layered skills will have a better understanding of how these different skills work in the real world. And the fact that a child can repeatedly watch the video, and see other children correctly use these skills in a realistic setting, helps build confidence.
  • Instead of a child being faced with a teacher explaining a skill in a theoretical way, a child can watch a fun scene where children demonstrate an activity that can incorporate multiple skills.

Sometimes it Takes a Child to Reach a Child

Children love other children!
Children love watching other children!
Children learn from their peers!
Children WANT to be with other children!

Video modeling for children is for all children, not just developmentally delayed children. Video modeling is one method of teaching. Children learn from doing, hearing, touching, tasting and seeing.

Children are very interested in their peers. By using peers in video modeling, we create a natural attraction for all children.

Ready, Set, Action - Skills Come Alive

Video modeling for children with autism provides them with much more than a movie. It gives them the much needed opportunity to watch other children “in action.” This moving model allows the child to watch, mimic or imitate the model in action and eventually perform or generalize the skill in real life.

Generalized skills are skills that are not simply performed in an isolated setting, but can be performed and utilized properly in any setting, with anyone and at appropriate times.

Generalizing social skills is a difficult task, as each social skill does not stand alone in real life. Video modeling gives children a model of multiple skills in action at the same time.

Video Modeling Accelerates Generalization of Skills

“Video modeling has also been shown to be an effective teaching strategy in facilitating generalization of social skills.”

(Christos K. Nikopoulos & Michael Keenan 2004 Spring, 37(1): 93-96

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis)

In addition, video modeling for children with autism capitalizes on their natural attraction to video.

Video modeling is especially effective in children during early development. Their brains are still developing.  Acquisition of skills positively affects this development.

Children Had So Much Fun Learning Through Art!

Success in the classroom: after watching the following video, the class did a photo project of their own.

The outcome was individual photo pages with family photos, names, phone numbers, stickers of interest and beautiful decorations.
An engaging activity was embedded with critical skills. And the children thought they were playing!

Parents Agree ...

Thrilled with the rapid skill acquisition and generalization, parents share their stories.

“These videos have been miraculous for my daughter. It is incredible the things that she immediately generalized to her environment. These are such powerful tools.”
Erin Roberts

“Watch Me Learn videos have made a world of difference for my boys, pushing my boys way ahead of the other kids they go to school with.”

Lori Mathis


Watch Me Learn Educational Products

Did you know that Watch Me Learn has produced an award winning series of educational videos based on Video Modeling teaching techniques?

Watch Me Learn is dedicated to helping kids with autism learn using the proven video modeling method.

Why is Watch Me Learn so Effective?

  • Easy to use
  • Visual teaching tool
  • Teaches real-life skills.
  • Uses realistic and natural settings and situations
  • Children learn from watching other children
  • Stress and anxiety free learning
  • Effective, but at same time a fun way to learn

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