Anecdotal Teaching

Natural Environment Video Modeling can provide endless learning.

During the teaching session, the following is a list of teaching lessons that can be incorporated.

This can be done during group teaching session, one-on-one, small group with instructor, or children can work with each other

  • Who – (teacher and/or child) identify who each person is – identify who is asking the question or answering the question – who is that (pointing), who is next to you, who is beading
  • When – ask when questions – when will they be finished, when will it be her turn- when will they give away the necklace
  • What – ask what questions - what is it, what are they playing with, what color are the beads, what color are the fruits, what color are the strings, what color are their shirts, what are they making/doing
  • How – ask how questions - how to string beads, how to ask nicely, how to share
  • Why – ask why questions - why is it her turn – why are they beading – why are they playing – why they making bracelets
  • Where – ask where questions - where are they, where are the beads, where is your friend, where are the strings


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