Teachers & Therapists

Teaching with Watch Me Learn

Step-by-step information to help you effectively incorporate Watch Me Learn video modeling teaching videos into your classroom or therapy environment.

Variations on Use of a Video

Practical advice on how to adapt Watch Me Learn videos to the specific needs of each individual child. One-on-One and Group teaching strategies.

Anecdotal Teaching

Specific lesson concepts that can be incorporated into your teaching sessions to promote additional learning and interaction. Each video teaches many skills simultaneously so the same video can be used to teach many skills not just a few.

Video Modeling Teaching Tips

Additional information to help you get the most out of teaching with video modeling, including the role of play, use of props, positive reinforcement, and prompting.

Watch TV ABA Program

Before Video Modeling aided teaching can begin you should assess whether the child is able to attend to video. If the child is not ready to attend to video, the "Watch TV ABA Program" can help a child develop the prerequisite skills.

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