Video On Demand

Watch Me Learn’s award winning videos are now available On Demand. You can instantly stream or digitally download our videos to your favorite device.

We have partnered with Vimeo, an online video sharing service, to make this possible. Visit the FAQ Section below for more information.

Click a video below to access Video On Demand on vimeo logo


How much does it cost?

You can rent our Video On Demand titles for a 1-week period for $4.95, or buy the video to stream and download for $14.95.

What is Vimeo?

Vimeo is one of the largest video-sharing services online and has over 22 million registered users. Vimeo is known for offering the highest quality streaming video, and the Vimeo App lets you stream and watch videos anywhere. 

Vimeo is the exclusive place to stream and digitally download Watch Me Learn videos.

Do I need to sign-up for Vimeo to stream Watch Me Learn?

Yes. It is fast and easy to join Vimeo, and it’s free. Also, you can use your account with the Vimeo app to sign-in on any devices you have, and watch your videos.

What devices are supported for streaming?

Mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone.

Streaming Players and TVs: Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Xbox 360, Samsung Smart TV, Samsung Blu-ray, Roku.

Software: iOS, Mavericks, Windows 8.

Device support may change over time. For the most up to date information please visit Vimeo at this link:

This page will show all the supported devices, and also have links to get the Vimeo app for your device.

How does Watch Me Learn Video On Demand work?

After you click on any of the Watch Me Learn video titles shown above you will be taken to the selected video’s Video On Demand page on Vimeo.

The Video on Demand page will have a trailer for the video that you can watch, and also a description of the video.

If you want to see the full video, you can either rent the video for one week, or buy the video and download the video to your computer or device.

Click the Rent or Buy button, and a payment panel will pop-up. You will be given the option to sign-in to Vimeo, or to join Vimeo, and you can pay with Credit Card or PayPal.

Next, you will get an email with links to start watching your video.  Or, you can go to, sign-in, and your video will be there for you to watch. You also have the option of getting the Vimeo app for your device and use that to watch the video.

For detailed information about how to view your Video On Demand title after purchase please visit Vimeo's Watching Purchased Videos FAQ Page.

How do I know that the videos will play on my device?

The easiest way to make sure our On Demand videos will play on your device is to visit the Video On Demand page for the video you want to watch, and play the video’s trailer. If the trailer plays fine, then you can be pretty sure the full video will play fine on your device when you rent or buy it.



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