A New Beginning

A New Beginning
A New Beginning A New Beginning A New Beginning A New Beginning A New Beginning A New Beginning A New Beginning
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A New Beginning - An Educational DVD

A New Beginning teaches beginner developmental skills through the use of video modeling within the context of play and the everyday life of a child. Skills are performed by children in natural settings and fun play scenarios.

The goal is to teach children beginning speech and communication (receptive and expresssive), peer and adult interaction, motor skills, self advocacy skills, play skills and social skills, all while they are having fun!

Video Scenes

  • Greet and wave
  • Outdoor play on swingset
  • Blowing bubbles with friends
  • Singing with friends
  • Building blocks
  • Simon Says game
  • Peek-a-boo
  • Duck Duck goose
  • Book time
  • Object naming
  • Peer interaction
  • Vocabulary

Target Skills Modeled:

  • identify and name objects
  • pay attention to people
  • point to objects and ask “what’s that” and “look it’s a”
  • respond to “whats your name”
  • talk with friends
  • oral motor - blowing bubbles
  • Fine motor - block building, popping bubbles
  • following directions in multiple situations
  • play with peers
  • ask for help, request
  • listen to peers
  • Gain attention by stating “watch me”
  • identify body parts
  • sitting, standing, marching, and other verbs
  • build blocks with peers, learn colors
  • follow and state directions playing ball
  • sing with peers
  • introduce themselves
  • request help

The fun games and scenarios modeled in A New Beginning are very easily incorporated into class, therapy and home environments. The activities performed are typical activities that children perform in every day life. We used simple objects that are readily available and can be substituted with other similar objects. Replication of these scenarios will promote faster learning and accelerate generalization of skills.

All Watch Me Learn videos compliment other interventions including ABA, VB, speech and language therapy, floor time, son-rise, physical therapy and occupational therapy. In addition the activities and skills modeled compliment the goals of other therapies.

Developmental age: 18mos. +

Video Run Time: 24:54

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