About Our Products

Watch Me Learn® educational products provide teaching and learning that is fun, quick and easy to use.

Through live action video, Watch Me Learn captivates learners and engages them in FUN videos designed to teach skills through modeling. Watch Me Learn is designed to teach children with autism and other developmental delays. Skills modeled incorporate all areas of function.

Video Modeling is a Highly Effective and Enticing
Teaching Method For All

Video teaching or more commonly called video modeling is a visual teaching method that occurs by watching a video of someone modeling a targeted behavior or skill and then imitating the behavior/skill watched.

Video modeling is effective because:

  • Children love video and are engaged
  • Learning from video is less distracting than learning from people
  • Concentration on video only reduces interference
  • Repetition of watching increases learning
  • Teaches the visual learner
  • Very wide array of skills can be taught

WML Teaches Skills Across All Fields

Types of skill taught by WML videos:

  • language/speech
  • social
  • academic
  • functional/life
  • motor

Watch Me Learn videos depict real life scenarios and therefore model many types of skills within each scenario. This type of teaching allows the learner to quickly learn and generalize skills. Learned skills are generalized best through practice and use. To support generalization, we provide additional materials designed to promote and accelerate generalization of skills learned from video.  

Watch Me Learn is Successful Because It Relates
Directly to the Viewer

Watch Me Learn is a unique product because it is the only video modeling series available that teaches within real life settings. All of our videos capitalize on the opportunity to teach multiple skills at the same time in a natural setting. Our viewers can immediately relate to the children models and what they are doing, making the attraction very strong.


  • engaging scenes
  • children teaching children
  • real life context
  • child friendly activities
  • FUN
  • relatable scenes
  • repetition
  • teaching through play
  • multitude of skills modeled within each activity
  • ease of generalization
  • user friendly and ease of use

Teaching within Real Life Makes Watch Me Learn
a Great Teacher!

Our many features have made Watch Me Learn a successful teaching tool used around the world.

Our learners easily relate to the Watch Me Learn kids and are able to learn without really even knowing they are! This is the essence of what makes Watch Me Learn so successful.....  we are real people teaching real children within real life. Children learn to be children and therefore become comfortable with themselves.  Then the real learning and fun begin!


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