New York City Department of Education LogoI have been a teacher for over 20 years. In the last 13 years I have worked . . . as a Special Education Teacher working with children with Autism from birth to 10 years of age. I have been using Watch Me Learn for over 7 years. I have used it in my classroom for the development of cognitive, motor, communicative, social/emotional and play skills, with my Early Intervention students to develop imitation skills, and as a Coverage teacher as a foundation to develop peer interactions and play skills.

I utilize the videos as a visual/auditory tool to help me engage my students, sustain their focus and teach them functional skills that can be generalized into other areas. It is a powerful method for the development of physical and verbal imitation skills that quickly generalize to functional skills. Watch Me Learn has allowed my students, to watch and learn from other children over and over.

There hasn’t been a day yet where I haven’t seen my students demonstrate something they have learned from these Videos.

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Betty Lee Golpe
Special Education Teacher

Mary Romaniec PortraitWatch Me Learn videos have been a valuable teaching tool for children with autism. Families and schools in the area report how video modeling, specifically the videos from Watch Me Learn, have helped children to achieve milestones that were otherwise missed during other behavior therapy sessions.

The complexity of children with autism dictates that multiple modalities of therapies are often tried, most with some elements of success. But when they are combined with other behavior therapies, like video modeling, a whole new world can open up for the child. That is what Watch Me Learn videos have done for children on the autism spectrum. They reach the child where they are, and pull them forward to a whole new level of possibility.

As a mother, mentor and autism advocate I highly recommend Watch Me Learn videos.

Mary Romaniec
Coordinator, TACA Massachusetts

I have had the privilege of having Mary Beth Palo as a guest presenter at Hofstra University for one of my graduate-level Special Education courses. Her passion, knowledge and generosity in delivering the tools of Watch Me Learn has been an inspiration to all who’ve had the opportunity to listen to her. She consistently rated as one of the students’ favorite presenters because of the authenticity in delivering her message and because of the powerful and effective tool she offers.

Mary Beth’s story is an important one in shifting how educators view their students and learn to truly ‘watch them learn’ and be more effective in facilitating instruction. As a parent of a child with differences, I am moved by Mary Beth’s extraordinary love that inspired this. Her insights, wisdom and tenacity have opened the possibilities for others to be able to use WML at home, in classrooms, in universities and in professional development. Thank you Mary Beth for your vision...

Lily Sanabria-Hernandez, M.S.Ed.

Child learning with video modelingMy daughter Alexis had severe Auditory Processing Disorder with a speech delay. This made communication and relating to others difficult and frustrating for her.

I bought the Watch Me Learn video series when Alexis was four. She enjoyed them so much and still uses them to teach her dolls!

She thrived on video modeling which is a tool I recommend to everyone!

Danielle M. Steffe, RDH

I am a teacher of 3-4 year olds on the autism spectrum. The Watch Me Learn videos were introduced to the staff of my school during a professional seminar last year. Since then, every teacher in our school uses the videos in their classrooms on a daily basis.

I have noticed an improvement in the children from watching these videos. They are imitating the actions from the video and generalizing them into natural settings. They are also picking up words and phrases and using them in the appropriate contexts. Every time we watch, they pick up something new.

I consider Watch Me Learn an integral part of my curriculum. I would highly recommend it to teachers and parents. I thank you very much for creating a wonderful series!

Jill H., M.S.Ed.

I have just ordered Watch Me Learn Volume 2. I knew that when my son brought me his juice this past week and told me that “Mary Beth said I can have that juice (pointing to the HiC) not this one (pointing to his cup) that it was time to order the next video. Socialization is our last boundary and we are finished with autism. God is so good. May he bless you for welcoming us into your life and letting our children watch your children interact. Thank you.

Leann M.

I was introduced to your videos by a friend. I have twin boys with PDD-NOS who are two years old. In the last month or so, Connor has BLOOMED with words and phrases from your videos. I have been shocked before, but nothing compared to seeing him DO Simon Says while quietly watch you and the kids on the video.

Aidan gets so excited when I put on the video, he says blocks, ball and many other words at appropriate times while watching. Both boys are blossoming with vocabulary from your videos. Thank you from the bottom of my desperate heart.


I live on a farm near a small town called Sarina, Australia. My son Alex is 5 and is autistic. I find there is a wealth of information available about autism but very little that is developed specifically for my beautiful boy to reach his understanding.

Out of all the research and seminars, I really feel these videos have inspired Alex the most. I thank you for making them and want you to know the enormous impact they have had on my son (he even has a slight American accent... because it has to be said exactly like it sounds). He wanders around the house and farm now constantly asking “What’s this?” or “Watch Me”, the interaction is amazing. Thank you and I encourage you to keep making more videos!

Geraldine S.

Nassau Boces LogoI was one of the lucky recipients of Mary Beth Palo’s wonderful new first video “Watch Me Learn”. It is such an incredible creative, fun learning tool for children on the spectrum. I can’t wait to try it with our elementary aged kids at my school.

Not a word on the video seems wasted. As we have learned with our kids, we must choose our words carefully and sparsely so that they attend and comprehend. All the spoken language in this video has a distinct purpose and is illustrated repeatedly through clear actions. For example, throughout the video, one can hear Mary Beth off camera calling the children by name. We then see the child turn to look in her direction and respond, “What?”

Mary Beth has really capture the “core deficit” skills, such as responding to yes/no questions, making choices, taking turns, greetings, interrupting, making eye contact, imitating motor movements, labeling, asking questions and.... and on and on. You would think that this video would have to be much longer and more complicated than it is, but in the span of one TV segment, it manages to incorporate all of these skills in such fun, natural and motivating ways.

Thank you Mary Beth, not just for thinking of using videos in such a creative way, but for carrying it to the next level and so generously sharing it with so many people who are experiencing the same struggles you have been through.

Best of Luck

Teacher - Nassau BOCES


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