About Watch Me Learn

Watch Me Learn® uses the latest research in teaching and learning to offer children engaging tools that develop critically important social, language and functional skills.

By using research-proven video-modeling techniques to help children learn appropriate social, language and functional skills, children are engaged and motivated without even realizing they are learning.

A Leader in Providing Effective Teaching Tools

We are the leading provider of multi-sensory and video modeling teaching tools for children with developmental delays, language delays, speech delays, autism, pdd, pdd-nos, children on the spectrum as well as children learning English as a second language.

Our teaching is based on principles of childhood developmental goals using techniques comparable with ABA/VB and has been tested by classroom educators, Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), parents and doctors.

Pioneering the Use of Video Modeling – A Proven Teaching Method

Using video to teach is called video-modeling. Parents, teachers and therapists use video-modeling as an effective teaching strategy for all children especially those who are visual learners. The technique is at the foundation of each of our lessons.

A scientific study done at Monash University in Australia has found Watch Me Learn video modeling to be an effective teaching tool that out-performed direct teaching alone and also reached skill generalization mastery sooner.  In addition, an unexpected finding was that verbal skills also improved and generalized without being directly taught. 

Endorsed by leading researchers, clinicians and parents, the benefits of Watch Me Learn products are seen in a wide variety of settings. Watch Me Learn® products are used in homes, therapy centers and schools across the country.

A Growing Line of High Quality Learning Products

Our library of products is growing rapidly — after all, there are a lot of basic skills that children must learn to become functional adults. We are fortunate to have received the endorsement of highly regarded organizations like the National Autism Association® and the publisher of ABLLS-R®, Dr. James Partington.

We put a lot of care into the planning, creation and distribution of each item in our growing library. Our attention to detail is a reflection of a commitment to provide video-based instruction that actually makes learning possible and fun too.

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