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Educational DVDs for Children with Autism - Watch Me Learn

Watch Me Learn successfully and rapidly teaches children skills across all different areas of functioning through video modeling.

Watch Me Learn teaches children with autism, speech and language disorders and other developmental delays.

Watch Me Learn works because it is a visual teacher that engages learners to watch and learn. The scenarios allow them to interact with the video and immediately perform the skills taught. Visit About Our Products to learn more.

Trusted by Parents and Teachers

There hasn’t been a day yet where I haven’t seen my students demonstrate something they have learned from these Videos.

Betty Lee Golpe
Special Education Teacher

My daughter Alexis had severe Auditory Processing Disorder with a speech delay.... I bought the Watch Me Learn video series when Alexis was four.... She thrived on video modeling which is a tool I recommend to everyone!

Danielle M. Steffe, RDH

I consider Watch Me Learn an integral part of my curriculum. I would highly recommend it to teachers and parents.

Jill H., M.S.Ed.

It is such an incredible creative, fun learning tool for children on the spectrum.... it manages to incorporate all of these skills in such fun, natural and motivating ways.

Teacher - Nassau BOCES

Video Modeling

Video modeling works! Video modeling is a scientifically proven method of effective teaching. Not only does video modeling teach, it is very easy to use because kids love it and are naturally attracted to it.

Video teaching or more commonly called video modeling is a visual teaching method that occurs by watching a video of someone modeling a behavior or skill and then imitating the behavior/skill watched.

The fact that video modeling can teach almost anything is one of the most beneficial aspects to it. The possibilities using video modeling are endless. If you can do a skill, then you can show it on video and you can incorporate this into almost any lesson with other teaching methods and other skills.

Children with autism and other developmental delays are more visual learners than auditory. Showing them a video is a much more productive method of teaching than telling them how to do it. This is true for a number of reasons but reasons aside, it is a proven success and the children love it. The goal of Video Modeling is to be a successful teacher and the results speak for themselves.

Find out more about Video Modeling and how
Video Modeling Works in Practice.

Successful Skill Development Requires
the Most Effective Teaching Tools

Teaching skills to children with autism or developmental delays is an overwhelming task. Anyone involved in this teaching, needs to have the most effective teaching materials and methods available to them.

Effective teaching is proven to be the teaching that incorporates a multi-sensory approach. Video modeling provides this. It is not usually sufficient to tell a disabled child how to do something, but requires you to show them how to do it, do it with them and practice it. This manner of teaching has a substantially higher level of skill mastery.

Additionally, teaching skills is most effective when skills are taught within the context of real-life. This scenario provides the greatest teaching opportunity, allows multiple skills to be taught at once and provides for accelerated skill acquisition and generalization.

Learn more about the Challenges of Skill Development and how Video Modeling Can Teach Social Skills.

University Study Proves Effectiveness
of Watch Me Learn

At Monash University in Australia, an independent scientific study was conducted to determine whether the use of Watch Me Learn videos would enhance learning for children with autism.

This study was done by Caroline de Fina as a fulfillment to her PhD. and was conducted under the supervision of faculty. Monash University is ranked in the top 100 universities in the World.

Conclusion of the study proved the hypothesis to be correct; that including Watch Me Learn video modeling significantly increased treatment effectiveness. Watch Me Learn video modeling outperformed direct teaching alone, generalization master criteria was reached much sooner and skill maintenance was achieved.

In addition to proving the hypothesis, additional findings and benefits were revealed. These findings include but are not limited to the ease of use, minimal professional involvement, teaching model for parents as well as children and increased expessive language.

For Additional findings and study details visit the Research and Expert Opinion page.

About Watch Me Learn Educational Products

Watch Me Learn is the best evidence based Video teaching program for children with autism, Pdd, Pdd-nos, speech delays and other developmental delays.

We claim to be the best because our engaging videos teach skills across many areas of functioning including language, social behavior, play, emotion, academics and adaptive skills all while children are having so much fun they don’t even realize they are learning!

Children learn real life skills from Watch Me Learn. This gives them the ability to easily complete the learned tasks in their lives. When our learners use these tasks in their lives, their self esteem soars and they want to learn more! Successful learners want to learn more and more.

Watch Me Learn actively strives to engage our learners in our fun scenarios that are typical to children. These scenarios are easily reenacted in real life and gives our learners the opportunity to put their new skills to use immediately. This immediate reinforcement is a huge reward to our learners!

Teaching within these dynamic real-life scenarios, viewers are captivated and they want to keep watching and learning. As a result, learning is accelerated and our learners develop a sense of self and self esteem. Self esteem gives them confidence and the desire to learn more. This is the foundation upon which future skills are built!

Visit our Video on Demand page to browse our educational video products.

Watch Me Learn Features

  • Real people teaching children within real life scenarios makes it relatable
  • Children learn to be children first by playing, having fun and being engaged
  • Teaches multiple skills at same time within typical scenarios
  • Viewers relate to children models and the activities they are performing
  • Video scenes are easily reenacted at home, school or other places allowing for accelerated learning and faster generalization

Why Watch Me Learn Products Are
So Successful!

Teaching within real life makes Watch Me Learn a great teacher!

This is the essence of what makes Watch Me Learn so successful..... we are real people teaching real children within real life. Children learn to be children and therefore become comfortable with themselves and send self-esteem soaring! Then the real learning and fun begin!

Watch Me Learn is the only video modeling series available that teaches within real life settings. This capitalizes on the opportunity to teach multiple skills at once within natural settings. Our viewers immediately relate to the children models and what they are doing. The result is faster skill acquisition, greater number of skills and generalization!

Learn more about why Our Products are both effective and fun teaching tools, or visit the Video on Demand page to instantly stream or download our educational video products.